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Research and Analysis

Brand Audit is a thorough analysis of a brand’s current situation in the market compared to its competitors.

Here we will review your brand coherence, communication message and effectiveness. This will help to determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement and new developments.

What we do here:

  • Market research
  • Web positioning analysis
  • Social Media metrics
  • Digital customer interaction



First impressions are everything. Your verbal and nonverbal communication should be aligned so your client clearly understands what you are offering. Your name, logo, slogan and all the images you use should be directed with that purpose.

What we offer:

  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Style direction board & Mood board
  • Primary logo, alternative logo and Sub-mark
  • Color palette, typography, brand elements
  • Stationary (Digital and/or printed)
  • Social Media Banners
  • Email Marketing – Newsletter template
  • Instagram branding
  • Branding & Business consulting

This is the ability to influence consumer perception regarding a brand or product relative to competitors. We will create a positioning statement that will serve to identify your business and how you want the brand to be perceived by consumers.

 We develop strategies through the following channels:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media

Engagement is what you do to increase the likelihood of your customers to establish a positive emotional connection with your brand. You can’t make them do it, but you can create an environment in which it’s more likely to grow.

  • SEM & SEO Analysis and Strategy
  • Google and Social Media Ads
  • Blogging strategy (Phase 2)
  • Social Media content & activities



The best way to get your customers to know you. This includes creating awareness, getting people to try products, providing information, retaining loyal customers, increasing the use of products, and identifying potential customers.


  • Podcast creation
  • Concept and Strategy
  • Promotion strategy

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook


Recent Work

Here you can see different services we have worked with some of our clients.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy Branding


is an innovative company that designs home and personal care products handmade in Australia with fabrics knitted with pure copper threads.


Some of the services we delivered
  • Quatitive market research (Survey)
  • Digital communication channels analysis
  • Competitors digital positioning analysis
  • Buyer persona profile & communication suggestions

Monica Yoga & Dance Teacher

is a chilean woman that teaches yoga and contemporary dancing in different venues in Sydney Australia.


Some of the services we delivered
  • Web design
  • Set-up, graphic design and copywriting for Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Strategic Marketing Consultancy Branding

Facio Workshops

is a business based in UK that empowers individuals through creativity delivering workshops to people of all ages to help them find their voice. 

Some of the services we delivered
  • Market & competitors market research and analysis
  • Brand concept and development
  • Website development
Strategic Marketing Consultancy Branding

Andes Management Services

is an emergency disaster restoration and commercial cleaning company based in Sydney. Andes specialise in providing all types of emergency and restoration services to water, fire, smoke, and mould damage victims in residential, governmental, and commercial buildings throughout NSW.

Some of the services we delivered
  • Re-branding (We refreshed Andes branding and give it a corporate tone)
  • Web design
  • Competitors market research and analysis

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Vera Founder & CEO of InPsyEyeIT - UK

WOW….What a woman!! a skilled and knowledgeable lady, who is extremely personable and professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Viviana and she expertly, diligently and attentively brought the company GMC’s jumbled ideas and visions to life with clarity and purpose. Thank you for being you and Thank you for what you do. Viviana and Digital Strategy Bne would be a true asset to any business and comes with my highest recommendation. Don’t miss out on greatness… get to know Viviana and Digital Strategy Bne. 

Selina Armoudon Facio Workshops - UK

“Viviana and her team were professional and prompt when designing my website and logo. There was never a task too small or big for them and would go out of their way to help. Thank you Viviana”

Trish Nash - Book Author - Australia

“Viviana was amazing. Very comprehensive Strategy Analysis for my business. Can’t wait to get started implementing all of her idea and watching my business grow.”

Liliana Bravo - Social Entrepreneur

I had a great connection with Viviana. She helped me immensely defining the vision of my business based on my family, cultural and ethical values. I think only Viviana had the skills to understand my core values as she is also a mum and migrant entrepreneur. Thank you Viviana.

Jose Requejo - Andes Management Services

We are so happy to have worked with Viviana and all her team members, they did such an amazing job, helping us improve our corporative image. Thanks once again, we love our new and fresh face.

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