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This service is aimed at small business owners or entrepreneurs that are looking to better understand their business and get a better picture of their project.


Did you know that 95% of entrepreneurs are not ready to develop a business? Or that 75% of business fail before 3 years?

If you ask me why, this occurs because entrepreneurs are not clear about their business model when starting a business. A business model is extraordinarily important because it helps us to understand in an early stage of the business and without spending too much money if their business is viable or not.

My name is Viviana and through my consultancies, I help entrepreneurs and small businesses to:

✨ Generate a business idea
✨ Strengthen your sales pitch
✨ Develop winning strategies that are easy to implement

What will you get in this consultancy package:

Two (2) online sessions of one (1) hour each per week, where we will work on the following areas:

Development of your business idea
Tools that will allow you to get to know you better and thus discover your strengths on which to create your business.
Create a Canvas for your business
Develop a SWOT analysis to better understand your business
Sessions and support reading materials


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