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We have two ways to help you. 

If you are the client who wants to apply your own strategy, we can help you with consultancies. If you are the client who wants a team working your strategy, we can help you with the marketing project.


B2B Marketing Consultancy

Evaluate current marketing efforts and make suggestions for improvements, plan and implement social media or other marketing campaigns, best practices and suggest new content, workflows or methods for reaching consumers.

  • Business Model

  • Identify and describe your ideal client – Psychographic Segmentation

  • Identify your competitors and find your business influencers

  • Marketing strategies – Design and development

  • Media Plan – Design and development

  • Storytelling – Storydoing and Storyselling


Marketing Projects

If you are the type of client who wants a Marketing team working towards your strategy, this is your service.

This is the ability to influence consumer perception regarding a brand or product relative to competitors. We will create a positioning statement that will serve to identify your business and how you want the brand to be perceived by consumers.

We develop strategies through the following channels:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media

Engagement is what you do to increase the likelihood of your customers to establish a positive emotional connection with your brand. You can’t make them do it, but you can create an environment in which it’s more likely to grow.

  • SEM & SEO Analysis and Strategy
  • Google and Social Media Ads
  • Blogging strategy (Phase 2)
  • Social Media content & activities

The best way to get your customers to know you. This includes creating awareness, getting people to try products, providing information, retaining loyal customers, increasing the use of products, and identifying potential customers.


  • Podcast creation
  • Concept and Strategy
  • Promotion strategy
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